About QGMA


The Quinlan Graduate Marketing Association strives to provide professional development, skill building opportunities, professional networking, and a supplemental collegiate experience.




  1. To foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing;

  2. To develop sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and definition of marketing principles;

  3. To improve the methods and techniques of marketing research;

  4. To develop better public understanding and appreciation of marketing problems;

  5. To study and discuss legislation and judicial decisions regarding marketing;

  6. To improve marketing personnel;

  7. To record progress in marketing through the publication of outstanding papers;

  8. To provide application based experience to its members;

  9. To encourage and uphold sound, honest practices, and to keep marketing operations on a high ethical plane;

  10. To explore new methods of integrated marketing communications;

  11. To provide social/networking opportunities for graduate students and alumni;

  12. To work cooperatively and promote friendly relations between students, organizations, faculty, and business people;

  13. To conduct other activities that are consistent with any of the above or that advance any of the above.